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About Us

The company undertakes projects throughout the UK on residential properties as well as commercial and industrial sites, we now have several schools and a lot of very prestigious regular clients on our books.

We are continually trying new technology to get the most cost-effective product for our clients and to keep energy consumption low, we have had the new 30w and 50w SMD flood lights on test for the last 6 months and both are performing superbly.

Only high quality products will meet our criteria for long life installations. By buying tried and tested products in bulk and direct from several manufacturers we keep our cost to our clients down and also keep up with cutting edge technology.

Our CCTV cameras come direct to us and we believe are some of the best on the market with night vision down to 0.002 lux light level without infra-red but still retains colour images, the newest version also blanks out light sources, such as headlights, meaning number plate recognition even at night with headlights on, this is pretty impressive by any standards.

Domestic, commercial and industrial security, access control and CCTV systems specified and installed.